Smart Dock Security System

The DockIQ system adds intelligence to your dock and boats to notify you immediately of problems, even when you're away.

Information at your fingertips

The DockIQ App communicates with DockIQ to give you instant information on your dashboard for 24 hour monitoring and alerts.

DockIQ App Features
- Instant alerts for power outages, motion detected & electric shock detection
- Access the camera via the app to see your boats, dock, and to check water levels
- View GPS Tracked Items on a map
- Create an automated lighting schedule
- Remotely turn dock lights on and off
- Remotely arm and disarm dock security
- Notify your dock dealer of services needed and easily pay through the App

Keeping your dock, boats, and family safe

Watch how DockIQ Smart Dock Security Products can keep your dock, your boats, and your family safe.

DockIQ Smart Dock Security Products

DockIQ products prevent theft, prevent dock grounding, and protect against electric shock.


ShockIQ can prevent "Electric Shock Drowning" by monitoring your dock frame and water for stray electric current. ShockIQ has two leads to monitor your metal dock frame and the water around your dock for stray electric current.

If Electric Current is Detected
1. ShockIQ turns on the red light and sound the siren
2. Immediately shuts off power to the dock
3. Instantly sends text messages and notifications to the App
4. Alerts neighbors and family of danger
5. 24-hour battery backup continues to monitor the threat

ShockIQ shuts off the power to your dock if electric current is detected, potentially saving lives!

Detect & Protect

Safety and Theft Protection all in one easy solution

DockIQ Premier
  • Safety from Shock

    The ShockIQ Shock Sensor detects electrical current in the water and sends alerts within seconds of danger

  • GPS Theft Protection

    The DockIQ Boat Tracker sends alerts if your boat moves from the home location

  • GPS Awareness

    Know where your boat, jet skis, or any other personal items are at any time when friends or family are on the water

  • Real-Time Video

    DockIQ IP Cameras are easy to install and let you see your dock, boat, and personal items at any time

Real-Time Dock Management

Fluctuating water levels due to weather patterns and power requirements continue to “ground” docks, thus costing dock owners thousands of dollars in damages each year. To prevent damage to docks, lifts, and boats as well as theft and potential loss of life, docks must be monitored with sensors, video and communications providing mobile alerts/notifications. This is currently not available to dock owners nor dock dealers. Onsite visits by dock dealers is expensive, inefficient and not scalable. DockIQ provides a unique mobile, dock technology and notification system that will manage and monitor each dock in parallel for dock owners and dock dealers.
Remote Access

Manage and monitor docks remotely via a Mobile App and Mobile Management System

Immediate Info

Receive automatic alerts via notifications, email, and text

GPS Driven Data

Communicate with each dock to provide water depth and location via GPS

Real-Time Video

Provide video to monitor shoreline, dock wheels, poles, and personal items

Protect your dock & boat today!

The fun you have on the water is priceless and you've made a big investment for your lake life. Find peace of mind with DockIQ Smart Dock Security Products.