DockIQ Premier

DockIQ Premier

DockIQ Premier


DockIQ Premier covers your entire dock including the walk way to the main dock.  DockIQ Motion Sensors can be positioned to monitor the entire dock, and even boats pulling up to your dock if you desire.  Four different camera’s give you a vantage point from multiple angles on the dock, and cover the view back towards shore, or from shore to the dock, your choice.  DockIQ Premier is designed for the customers who want the ultimate protection, so it also includes the entire ShockIQ System as well.

DockIQ Premier Includes:
1 DockIQ Smart Controller
1 ShockIQ
5 DockIQ Motion Sensors
4 Wireless Hi-Res Cameras
1 Depth/Temp Gauge
1 Digital Compass
2 GPS Boat Trackers
1 GPS Dock Locator
2 Power Light Switches

Also Included:
Cellular & Internet Connection
Mobile App Photo Gallery
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Mobile App with Dashboard & Alert Notifications
Siren Audio Alert
Red Light Alert
10 Hour Battery Backup