1. What products need AC power on the Dock?
  2. Can I add more cameras and motion sensors?
  3. What cellular providers do you support?
  4. Do you have different types of mounting brackets?
  5. Who will install my boat GPS device?
  6. What is the rating for the controller fuse?
  7. Who do I call for repair?
  8. Where do I find the installation manuals?
  9. What is the battery life for the motion sensor?
  10. Can I use conduit in place of the power cords?
  11. How do I know my unit is working?
  12. If the GFCI is tripping on my dock, what do I do?
  13. How do I forward one of my photo’s
  14. How much is my storage cost? For pictures, alerts?
  15. How do I change my billing information?
  16. How do I share an idea I have with DockIQ?
  17. How high should my camera be mounted?
  18. Can I install the motion sensor in the celling of my dock?
  19. Will DockIQ work on an all wood dock?
  20. What are your normal support hours?
  21. Can I recommend a new dealer?
  22. Do you have a list of electricians in my area that I can call?
  23. Can I use my own camera?
  24. Can I connect my laptop to the wifi hotspot network?
  25. What is causing my power on the dock to shut off?
  26. How often should I have my electricity checked?
  27. Do I need special batteries?
  28. If my depth/temp sensor wire breaks, how do I get a new one?
  29. Can I delete old pictures?
  30. Is my DockIQ data safe from hacking? E-mail, photo’s, billing? Etc …
  31. Can I pay a yearly for my cellular App fee?