The DockIQ App communicates with your DockIQ controller to give you instant information 24/7 with real-time monitoring and alerts. The app is included free with every system and is supported on your Apple (iOS) or Android phone.

The DockIQ controller is sending updates to the Cloud infrastructure every ten minutes or so, giving the mobile app immediate access to these messages and alerts. 

Using the home screen, you have access to the most critical data all in one screen.

  1. Water depth under your dock floats
  2. Water temperature (charting options for depth and temp)
  3. Enabling security
  4. Shore power status – Shore or Battery
  5. Connected lights control (up to 2)
  6. Taking pictures with installed camera(s)
  7. Requesting a “Dock Move”
  8. Setting your Dock’s Home GPS position
  9. Viewing real-time controller status timestamps
  10. Viewing the most current alert (if any)