The DockIQ platform ships with a single PIR Motion Sensor(see picture). PIR stands for Passive Infrared Sensor, these types of sensors are used to help identify infrared light radiating from objects and the surroundings around your dock.

Just like the camera, the motion sensor will be installed and positioned based on your requirements. Using the “Camera and Motion Planning Section”, the user will place the unit in an area that will give the best path of signal from the people you are trying to detect.

Keep in mind, our software is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help confirm people are in the images and are on your dock. This helps reduce what the industry calls “false positives” -getting alerts on things that are not valid.

Based on the size of your dock and the coverage needed , the user may install additional motion sensors as needed. They can be mounted on the dock post or mounted overhead in the ceiling. The motion sensors are battery operated and will require a battery replacement 6 months out. (Battery size and count??). The system does track battery level and could alert you when low. Just like the camera setup, the units have magnetic bases and are user named in the App. In general, you mount & point them in the direction of where you are trying to sense movement.

Any motion detected, triggers the system to sound the siren on the controller, start taking pictures, evaluate the pictures(with AI) and send alert if confirmed. The system will continue to take pictures if the person stays on your dock, giving you time to call for help.

Like the camera, it also has a pairing button that is used at installation time.


  • Battery type and count
  • Coverage range x feet
  • Angle of coverage