ShockIQ Mobile

Prevent Electric Shock Drowning!

ShockIQ can prevent Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) by monitoring your dock frame and water for stray electricity

Stray electricity occurs when electricity escapes its intended circuit

ESD occurs when a person in the water comes in contact with a stray electric current path which causes paralysis, resulting in the victim drowning

    ShockIQ Functions

    1. Detects dangerous electricity
    2. Alarms and flashes red warning light
    3. Shuts power off to the dock
    4. See the dock's wiring status in the App
    5. See real time voltage charts in the App
    6. Change sensitivity setting manually or in the App
    7. Monitor lake levels in the App
    8. Cellular internet connection
    9. Alerts and notifications sent to your phone
    10. Add additional contacts for alert notification 
    11. The unit goes on battery backup and continues to monitor for electricity
    12. Sensing Distance: 80ft.+ (depending on water conditions)
    13. Takes multiple readings within a second to eliminate false positives from electrical spikes
    14. Use the test function to ensure the GFI trips
    15. Easy installation, no electrician required

    If the siren sounds continuously, ShockIQ is still detecting electricity in the water. This could be coming from another source other than your dock. Call your electrician and report this condition.

    Pair it with DockIQ!

    Pair it to your DockIQ security system to monitor and manage your dock while also sensing for stray voltage all in one app.

    Tech Specifications

    • Water or Dock Frame Voltage Sensing: 1250mV
    • GFCI trip: 36mA GFCI trip current
    • Sensing Distance: 80ft.+ *depending on water conditions
    • Siren and Hazard light: Sound pressure:  90±5dB(A), Outdoor visible
    • Battery backup: 24 hours, Chemistry:  Lithium-polymer
    • Indicators: AC power-on & status Light
    • AC Power: 120VAC 60Hz Input & 3W Power Consumption
    • Environmental: -20 to +65C (-4F to 149F), with IP66 rating
    • Zigbee Radio: Communicates with Dock IQ System, Range:  1200m (4000ft.)
    • Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 3”
    • Test Mode: Tests GFCI trip feature and Siren
    • Mobile Notifications *when installed with Dock IQ
    • Shock Hazard (frame or water source), Low Battery Alert