Real-Time monitoring of AC power to your dock, electricity on your dock frame, and in the water

ShockIQ is another engineered product with the focus on making your dock safe by monitoring electricity in the water near your dock or on the dock frame.

Electricity on your dock is something everybody should take seriously by:

  1. Having yearly dock electrical inspections.
  2. Reviewing the location of the shore power panel and its main circuit breaker (CB) with all family members that use the dock. And explain how to turn the CB off.
  3. Frequently test the tripping of your GFCI circuit breaker
  4. Post a sign stating that your dock has hot (live) electricity
  5. Use only certified electricians that understand electricity around water. Many Lakes have a certification list that MUST be used.    

"Electric Shock Drowning" is caused by stray electric current in the water, coming from many different sources. Performing the tasks above reduces this risk, but you never know when this condition might occur. Many articles have been written about this subject and we highly suggest you research this topic and get acquainted with it.

The ShockIQ system can be purchased as a standalone system or one where its integrated with the DockIQ controller. The stand-alone system is mounted on a dock post near your swim ladder and your primary swimming area with a wire attached to the dock post and another wire inserted into the water. After supplying power to the device, the system starts up and will monitor both wires looking for excessive levels of electricity.

If the system detects electricity, the system performs the following steps.

    ShockIQ Stand-alone Functions

    1. The siren is sounded and flashes the red light
    2. Power is shut off to your dock
    3. The unit goes on battery backup and continues to monitor for electricity.

    If the siren continues, ShockIQ is still detecting electricity in the water. Quickly get off your dock or out of the water and call your electrician and report this condition.

    If someone is in the water, please use the proper procedure on rescuing them.

    ShockIQ Integrated Functions

    1. Does everything in the stand-alone version
    2. The siren is sounded and Instantly sends text messages and alerts to you and all assigned contacts. A contact can be your family or neighbor next door.
    3. 24-hour battery backup continues to monitor the threat.

    Tech Specifications

    • Water or Dock Frame Voltage Sensing: 1250mV
    • GFCI trip: 36mA GFCI trip current
    • Sensing Distance: 36ft.+ *depending on water conditions
    • Siren and Hazard light: Sound pressure:  90±5dB(A), Outdoor visible
    • Battery backup: 24 hours, Chemistry:  Lithium-polymer
    • Indicators: AC power-on & status Light
    • AC Power: 120VAC 60Hz Input & 3W Power Consumption
    • Environmental: -20 to +65C (-4F to 149F), with IP66 rating
    • Zigbee Radio: Communicates with Dock IQ System, Range:  1200m (4000ft.)
    • Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 3”
    • Test Mode: Tests GFCI trip feature and Siren
    • Mobile Notifications *when installed with Dock IQ
    • Shock Hazard (frame or water source), Low Battery Alert