ShockIQ Mobile - Coming Soon!
ShockIQ Mobile - Coming Soon!

ShockIQ has been developed by a team of high tech boaters and lake residents to keep your family safe. If you’re a residential dock owner, you have probably heard of the dangers of Electric Shock Drownings. Unfortunately, they can and do occur every year. ShockIQ continually monitors your dock frame and the water around the shock sensor. If stray electric current is detected, ShockIQ sounds an alarm and shuts off power to your dock. Paired with DockIQ, it will also notify your Smart Phone of the threat and that the power has been cut off. ShockIQ shuts off power to the dock – potentially saving lives!


ShockIQ includes:

1 ShockIQ System
* With wire connections to your dock frame and one that's inserted into the water.  

Also includes:

24 Hour Battery
Voltage and Wiring Safety Kit
Siren Audio Alert
Red Light Visual Alert
Compatible with DockIQ & Mobile App