ShockIQ Mobile - Coming Soon!
ShockIQ Mobile - Coming Soon!ShockIQ Mobile - Coming Soon!ShockIQ Mobile - Coming Soon!

Prevent Electric Shock Drowning with ShockIQ Mobile.  ShockIQ Mobile has all the functionality of ShockIQ, but now communicates with a mobile App to monitor your dock's circuit status and see voltage levels in the water.  

  • Detects dangerous electricity 
  • Alarms and flashes red warning light
  • Shuts power off to the dock
  • See the dock's wiring status in the App
  • See real time voltage charts in the App
  • Change sensitivity setting manually or in the App
  • Monitor lake levels in the App
  • 24 hour battery backup to continue to monitor the threat
  • Cellular internet connection
  • Alerts and notifications sent to your phone
  • Add additional contacts for alert notification

 * ShockIQ Mobile pairs with the mobile App for $7.50/month, or can be used as a       standalone product (no App).